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The Novel: a biography Books by Michael Schmidt include

Literary History and Criticism
Gilgamesh: the life of a poem, 2019, Princeton University Press
The Novel: a biography, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014
Lives of the Ancient Poets: The Greeks, Weidenfeld, Knopf, 2004, 2005
The Story of Poetry I-III, Weidenfeld, 2001-2008
Lives of the Poets, Weidenfeld, Knopf, 1998, 1999
Reading Modern Poetry, Routledge, 1989
Fifty Modern British Poets: an introduction, Pan/Heinemann, 1979
Fifty English Poets 1300-1900: an introduction, Pan/Heinemann, 1979

The Stories of My Life, Smith/Doorstop, 2013
Family Tree, Greville Press, 2011
Collected Poems, Smith/Doorstop, 2009
The Resurrection of the Body, Smith/Doorstop, 2006
Selected Poems, Smith/Doorstop, 1997
The Love of Strangers, Century Hutchinson, 1989
Choosing a Guest: new and selected poems, Anvil, 1983
Poetry translated into Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese

Poetry Anthologies
Five American Poets, Carcanet, 2010
The Great Modern Poets, Quercus, 2006
New Poetries I-VII, Carcanet, 1994-2017
The Harvill Book of Twentieth-Century Poetry in English, Harvill, 1999
Poets on Poets (with Nick Rennison), Waterstone's/Carcanet, 1997
A Calendar of Modern Poetry, PN Review 100, 1994
Eleven British Poets, Methuen/Routledge, 1980

The Colonist, Muller/Hutchinson, 1983
The Dresden Gate, Century Hutchinson, 1988

On Poets & Others, Octavio Paz, Paladin, 1991
Flower & Song: Nahuatl Poetry (with Edward Kissam), Anvil, 1977, 2010

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